Our goal is to provide a way to stay connected with your family, no matter what.

Family Lamps

We all wish to stay connected to love ones, whether they be family, friends or someone we just haven't seen for a while. That's why we created Family Lamps, a simple solution that allows anyone to stay connected in any situation.

Simply tapping the top of your lamp will emit your colour to everyone else in your family, letting them all know that you're thinking of them and safe. Every lamp within your family can have a unique colour that represents you. Either it's your favourite colour, represents you as a person, or maybe it just goes really well in your house.

Family Lamps are there when a phone call is too much and a text just isn't right, they act as a constant reminder to your entire family that you're thinking of them without needing to tell everyone individually.

What we do

Each lamp is fully 3D printed with custom made parts that have been rigarously tested to ensure both strength and quality, everytime.

While lamps are 3D printed, all inside components are carefully hand-placed and crafted to ensure quality and consistency. Before being boxed and sent off, all lamps are their corresponding electrical components are signed-off by our partners at WGS Power & Lighting Ltd to ensure your safety. Family Lamps are designed to emit no-heat with energy saving LEDs and should provide zero risk of damage, it's important to us to ensure our product is safe.

Why choose us?

We're a small company that cares about quality over everything else. We are determined to make a product that's durable and functional at a reduced price to our competitors so that more families can stay connected. We also take care in assembling every single Family Lamp by hand to ensure consistent quality.