Frequently asked questions and the answers to them

What are Family Lamps?

Family Lamps are a way of keep in touch with your family no matter where. Family Lamps allow you to remind your family that you are there, you miss them and more.

Everyone within your family has their own lamp that they can touch to let everyone else know they care.

How do I connect with family?

Family Lamps utilise family IDs. Everyone you want to connect your lamps with shares the same Family ID.

When you setup your lamp, it will ask for a Family ID in the form of a 4 digit number. When prompted, enter your family code and your lamp will then be able to talk to any other lamp with that same code.

If you need to apply for a new Family ID, you can do that below.

Apply for a new Family ID

What do the colours mean?

Your Family Lamp will produce an array of colours when it's on that don't relate to Family members. This table summaries what that all means.

Green - Lamp starting up
Flashing Green - Attempting to connect to WiFi
Blue - Startup required, visit setup page
White - Sending signal to the family
Red - Unable to send signal to the family due to WiFi disconnect
Flashing Red - Invalid configuration, please try again

How do I change my colour?

If you're getting bored of your colour, then you can change that at any point. Simply press the top of your lamp for 8 seconds and this will reset your lamp.

It will begin flashing green and eventually turn blue, ready to be re-programmed. You will need to re-enter your WiFi information as well as all other details.

This also allows you to easily change what WiFi you're using and what Family your lamp belongs to.

Why did my lamp turn red when nobody in my Family uses red?

A red light means different things depending on if it's flashing or not.

A flashing red light occurs when you setup the lamp incorrectly and provide an invalid colour or Family ID. Your lamp will simply restart, turn green and you will have to repeat the process.

If it's a solid red light that occurs after tapping the top of your lamp then it means there is a problem with your internet connection. Once this is resolved, your lamp will automatically connect to the WiFi and will work like normal.

You can always test this by simply tapping the top of your lamp. If it turns white, then you're all good.

Are there monthly fees?


The only cost of Family Lamps is the initial fee to purchase a lamp then the electricity to keep it running. Family Lamps are designed with power-efficient LEDs and will cost pennies to run for the entire year.

How does it work?

Inside of every lamp is a small computer called an Arduino. This chip is programmed to communicate with a server that has control of all the lamps. When you setup your lamp, it tells the server it's new and updates it with its colour, family ID and more.

When you then touch the lamp to send a message to your family, it contacts the server and tells it to communicate with every other lamp within its family.

Every lamp constantly talks to the server and will receive this request and begin changing colour to what was sent.